People can come to my office with the goal of settling their financial disputes, personal injury claims, probate or family issues in an efficient and affordable manner. If you are concerned about the costs and risks of litigation, you should consider mediation. The mediation process is a constructive and efficient way to reach a positive settlement agreement in your lawsuit or family dispute.

F. Shields McManus is Certified as a Circuit Court and a Family Mediator by the Florida Supreme Court. If you are looking for an effective, caring Civil Circuit Court or Family Mediator, see my availability on my "Calendar" page. Then call the Law Office of F. Shields McManus at 772-285-2774 or use the contact page and fill out the online form.


Mediation allows YOU to stay in control of YOUR divorce or lawsuit. You are not at the mercy of a judge or the court system. You can meet with your spouse, relatives, or other opposing party and the mediator as few or as many times as you like and remain involved in every step of the process. In mediation negotiations, the parties have veto power and they have the freedom to explore their options to find a mutually agreeable solution. Mediation does not conclude until both parties reach an impass or a settlement.

At the Law Office of F. Shields McManus, I especially encourage parents to consider mediation by stressing and reminding them that their conflict has a direct impact on their children. Even though you are divorcing, you will still need to find ways to work together to parent your children after the divorce.



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